“Do You Know Who You Are”


Do You Know Who You Are


About the Song

Identity. Everyone is searching for the meaning for life, self identifying, trying to figure out who they were made to be – why they are here.

It has really hit home for us, as we now have teen/ pre-teen children growing up in an increasingly messed up culture, trying to figure out who they are. There are SO MANY youth facing this right now, especially in the areas of gender and sexual identity.

“Look in that mirror

Tell me who you think you see

I know you’re searching for your identity

The haircut, the makeup

I know they’re just expressions outwardly

Of someone inside wanting to be loved

Trying to spread their wings”

This song came from a conversation one night with our twelve year old daughter. We explained to her this concept:

“You are that mirror that reflects all that it sees

So let it reflect your true identity”

We gave her some examples, and then had her write who Jesus is to her, attributes/ qualities. THIS, we explained to her, is your true identity. Imitate this – not the culture around you. Mirror this. Mirror Jesus.

Some of her lyrics were used for this verse:

“Creator, dreamer, someone to talk to

Royalty, child of God

Purity and light shining in the night

The source of all that’s good and all that’s right

Confident and bright

The way the truth and life

Heaven come down to this earth”

This song has become foundational for our whole family, and ministry. It has opened up a whole new world to us, discovering who God made us to be as mirror imagers. It’s EXCITING!

THIS has become our heart and passion – helping people understand who they were made to be as mirror imagers of Christ.


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