How We Toured 50 States in one Year (13/20)

Reading California, after our biggest argument - EVER!

Reading California, after our biggest argument – EVER!

More Important Things We Discovered:

14. More than five weeks on the road at a time is suicide. Month one is ehh, ok. Month two is miserable. Month three is… Really bad.

15. My attitude (as the leader) drastically effected the everyone else’s attitudes and moods, as well as the overall energy in the RV and tour.

16. A person becomes like the people, mentors, or influences they allow into their lives. I chose to be influenced by people, music, and videos that I wanted to become like. I took their influence and created something unique to us.

17. The influence of one person. People are always watching us. All of a sudden, baby boomers started asking us about what routes to take on their next vacation, and tips for rv travel. Kids have been inspired to play an instrument or lead worship. In addition to this, other local artists began asking how we did it – how we crossed the threshold of local artist to National touring artist – a feet that few people accomplish. By taking this step of faith, we have unknowingly inspired others to do the same. Most importantly though, we have influenced many people to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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