How We Toured 50 States in One Year (15/20)

Free Campground Near Elk Creek, California

Free Campground Near Elk Creek, California

More Important Discoveries:

21. Wal-Mart is generally a great place to park overnight, depending whether or not it is in a tourist destination. Sometimes they have no overnight parking signs posted. Other overnight parking spots include cracker barrel, truck stops, and McDonald’s. Each has their own risk/ reward. McDonald’s has free WiFi :)

22. I found that not many people have done what we have done. We are pioneers. While we could ask the people in our Inner Circle for advice (which was certainly helpful at times), none of those people had actually done what we were doing. Some did similar things as far as stepping out in faith goes, but our situation and tour were pretty unique. We had to figure things out as we went, relying on God to teach us what we needed to know.

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