How We Toured 50 States in One Year (16/20)

Sunrise at our home in Pennsylvania

Sunrise at our home in Pennsylvania

Important Things We Discovered:

23. We make out the best if we do free will offerings, vs. having a fee. It’s much easier to get a booking this way (many Churches simply can’t afford to commit to paying you a fee); and I’ve found that if we have bookings, God works the money thing out.

24. Being on the road as an independent artist produces exhaustion and a cloudy mind; and it (for many of us) made our home the new desired vacation spot, instead of being on the road. There are many emergency situations (from being broke down in a construction site, to having a pedofile book us for a show, to having a domestic dispute right next to our rv overnight, to just being sick of being stuck with 6 people in a 26′ rv for three months) we encountered while on the road, which changed and pretty near ruined our perception of everything. For every day on the road, it takes one day at home to recover.

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