How We Toured 50 States in One Year (17/20)

Machias, Maine. WUMM with Pastor Ralph Ackley

Things We Discovered About Bookings:

1. We have created videos that are so moving that if I can get someone to simply click on the link and watch a video, it is almost a certain booking – unless we just aren’t a good fit for the venue.

2. When someone says no to booking us, it’s easy to take it personally. It happens to me all the time. But usually it is just because they feel they can’t adequately take care of us due to the size of their Church, or that their target demographic is different than ours. It’s not personal, just not a good fit.

3. Not every booking is a good booking. I turn some down simply because it’s not our ideal venue. We do great in a Sunday morning setting, whereas an outdoor carnival or fair is a lot less personal, and they have even asked me to tone down the Jesus stuff. We are just background noise at a fair. I pursue the bookings where I can be the most effective in a ministry setting.

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