How We Toured 50 States in One Year (11/20)

Our friends, Doug & Kammy

Our friends, Doug & Kammy

Important Things We Discovered:

6. The need to be original. I use other people for inspiration, but don’t try to be just like them. Be the original creative genius that God made you to be. Then others will be inspired by you.

7. I try to learn as much as I can about the situation I am facing – YouTube and Google are essential; whether it be for how to fix a fuel pump on an rv, or for booking advice. In booking, I saw myself as a sales person, so I googled “sales 101”. The concepts I learned here are invaluable.

8. Simplicity – for a first National tour for an artist with no national recognition and no label financial support, I simplified. I went from a solo artist with a backing band, to a husband wife duo. We toured with our three kids and a nanny. Not having the band with us made transportation, sleeping arrangements, gas, and food much more manageable.

9. Being interactive with our fan base on social media. We daily posted pics and videos from the tour and everyday life. We did life together with our fan base – brought them along for the ride, via social media. They are our friends/ family, and we can’t do this without them.

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