How We Toured 50 States in One Year (14/20)

Texas. Our former Pastors, Jack & Theresa Roth

Texas. Our former Pastors, Jack & Theresa Roth

More Important Things That We Discovered:

18. A yearly National park pass is a great thing to have. It gave us access to all National parks for one year, and costs only 80.00. Some of our routes and shows were determined by where National parks are located. For example, we did a show at YMCA in Estes Park Colorado, at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Being able to go into the parks with a yearly pass sometimes would give us something nice to do on an otherwise boring day. Gotta stay busy or everyone will go nuts, being trapped in an rv with nothing to do.

19. If something didn’t work out or cancelled, I saw this as an opportunity. For example, when we were in California we had to unexpectedly leave a venue which we were supposed to play at the following Sunday morning. Our departure was necessary for the safety of our family, due to things that we found out about this venue. This gave us an opportunity to contact other local churches, and explain to them the situation that we were in. We asked if they could use us at all for anything, and this opened the door for Ministry in different places. We found that it was simply God redirecting our steps.

20. We connected with the promoters, Pastors, and people on a personal level whenever possible. We interact with them on social media on a regular basis. They are our friends, family, and our lifeblood. The relationships we have created and cultivate with these people are invaluable. These relationships are the foundation of our future tours.

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