How We Toured 50 States in One Year (8/20)

The Ridge Church, Brookfield Vermont


Step 3. Schedule shows in ideal venues
A. the goal was at least one church service per week – more if possible. Given that our ideal venue is Churches, they typically only want to book on Sunday mornings. Some Churches book a year in advance, while the average is about 3-4 months.
B. Given our weekly travel mileage, I made a schedule of where I wanted to be on a particular date. I marked out on my calendar where I wanted to be each Sunday in order to make my 6-800 miles per week. Knowing my target venues & audience, I would then Google churches in that particular area and carefully research/ select the right ones for us. I would connect with the Pastor via Facebook, email, and sometimes phone as well. But the key here is being personal – not spam.
C. I used links for a YouTube playlist, our tour website & rider, other Pastoral reference letters, and awards as a means to book the shows. I didn’t want to come across as a cockey rock star, but as someone whose heart is ministry. I carefully used these resources to portray that message.

Step 4. Communicate with the promoter/ Pastor in the month before the show
– I would get the venue address, contact phone #’s, make sure they have promo stuff, and confirm the booking is still on – before we drive there!

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