How We Toured 50 States in One Year (9/20)

Christmas, 2016

Christmas, 2016


Step 5. Play the show.
– Show days HAD to go good. They brought life and purpose to our boring week. We HAD to bring our “A Game” to EVERY service. We were here to reach people through music, and when you sometimes only get one booking per week, you want it to be good! But that’s not a hard thing to do when you enjoy it more than anything.

Step 6. Follow up
– We sent thank you notes, as well as some postcards with personal hand written notes from different places we were going through. We also sent Christmas cards.

Step 7. Don’t Give Up.
– Most importantly, we didn’t give up – no matter how hopeless the situation looked, no matter how worn out we were, no matter how much money we needed and didn’t have, no matter how many breakdowns we experienced (vehicular & emotional), no matter how many bad days we had, we didn’t give up! We would figure out a way to get over the hurdle in front of us, and with God’s help we made it happen!

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