How We Toured 50 States in One Year (2/20)


It all started in November, 2015. I had been a solo artist for the previous five years, and with a band for nine years before that. A Pastor friend of mine paid for Jade and I to go to a conference on Church building. As I reflected on the conference over the following days, I prayed about what God wanted me to take away from that event. The word that God kept bringing back to me was this: “the writing is on the wall if the vision for your ministry is not big enough”.

I prayed for a couple days about how that statement applied to me. I thought maybe we could make it a goal to do one show per week through the next year. And then God spoke to me and said “Go to all 50 States next year”.

At first I thought that was way too big of a goal – that can’t be God! As I thought of the logistics of what this tour would require, it made my head spin. It really was not a realistic goal – in the natural. But I came across an interesting quote as I was reading one day: “God will never give you an assignment that you can do without His involvement”.

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