How We Toured 50 States in One Year (3/20)


Jacksonville, Florida

I finally decided to share the vision with Jade, knowing what her response would be. She didn’t disappoint! Her immediate response was “are you sure that is God?” I knew that it was, but I would not have gone through with everything without her consent.

Jade prayed about it, and felt at peace with this whole thing and did consent (although I think she half just went along with it, thinking that this crazy idea would just fizzle out like the rest – ha!).

We announced the vision to our team, and amazingly enough, we were the only ones willing to embark on the journey (the thing was, we were completely doing this by faith, so everyone else had to as well).

So we merged my solo career into our Husband/ Wife Duo, and on February 3, 2016, we began our “Awesome Love” 50 State Tour. The goal was to go to all 50 States in 2016, with the mission of sharing the message of God’s awesome love for mankind through the avenue of music.

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