How We Toured 50 States in One Year (6/20)

Brake Job in Colorado

Brake Job in Colorado

More Things We Already Had Established:

11. I recognized my role as not just a touring singer, but also as driver, mechanic, booking agent, tour manager, roadie, techie, book keeper, salesman, as well as Husband & Father – it’s seriously a lot!!!

12. A good name/ reputation. We were faithful, doing our best where we were at with what we had for many years. Also, because of this, we were able to attain recommendation letters from Pastors we had served over the years.

13. A source of income – merchandise sales from my solo career, donations/ offerings from our Church services, a donate button on our website, VIP monthly subscriptions. Most importantly though was our faith in God  – to provide what we needed to accomplish what He called us to do. We also put out a 2- song sampler CD as a duo about half way through the tour.

14. A page on our website to send potential clients to; which listed a show itinerary, as well as a tour rider. Promo material was also available on our website.

15. We had a few people (including several Pastors) in our Inner Circle who were there for us for encouragement, advice, and prayer throughout the whole process.

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