Is your Church effectively reaching millennials? Is your Church struggling to grow? Is it in need of an infusion? We want to help.





1. the introduction of a new element or quality into something.


In my lifetime I have watched as church attendance numbers have dropped significantly, and some services (Sunday nights) have been eliminated or gone to just a small group setting. What has changed?

It goes without saying that Jesus is the center of everything – the focus is still on getting people saved, discipled, and spiritually healthy. In most churches I have been in, this is the case. But why is it that numbers are down? The faithful older people still attend, but where is the younger generation – the millennials?


1 Corinthians 9:22-23       “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel”.


The Holy Spirt revealed to me one day that this new generation is completely different from its predecessors – they/ we think completely backwards and upside down. Millennials don’t want a Harley that looks like their Dad’s bagger. Millennials don’t want to meet with their friends at a 50’s diner. Millennials will wait for a job they love, rather than being forced to work a job they hate. And so, it’s necessary to understand some key foundational things about this generation, otherwise our attempts to reach them are completely irrelevant to where they are at.

  1. We are a visually stimulated generation. Style is everything – hair, clothes, paint, decor… If something catches our eyes, we are there – and telling our friends about it!
  2. Authenticity – we are the generation of reality tv and social media. We are the generation of “fake news”. No one wants to feel as though they are being lied to in one way or another.
  3. Creativity – we are a generation of creators; we want to express ourselves by being creative. A Pastor gets to express himself every time a sermon is delivered. How we as millennials express ourselves is though our clothing, design, style, and music.
  4. We are a musical generation, on top of the latest releases. Music speaks to us. If a church is doing a song ten years old, it’s not relevant to someone who considers a song released last year old. That’s not to say we can’t be drawn to older songs, but it has to sound fresh and exciting and be delivered in an authentic way. 
  5. We will travel an hour to a church that has the environment and culture we like, as opposed to going to the one five minutes from home that doesn’t speak to us. We won’t go somewhere we don’t want to be or might feel unwelcome; so if you want us to attend, give us a good reason. Don’t gear the whole service (and church) to older people and expect young people to want to come and be involved – especially if you won’t allow us to be creative!
  6. Quality – we don’t want to necessarily spend a lot, but will spend more for quality… 5.00 cups of coffee! The church might not be big or have lots of money, but consider the difference it makes when a visitor talks to their friends about your church: 1. “It was ok, but the coffee was cheap and terrible.” 2. “It was a good service, and the coffee was awesome!” That extra dollar spent on quality could be a deciding factor if a visitor comes back; and also be the topic of GOOD conversation about your church!
  7. We are VERY socially oriented. If we are attending a Church that is actively winning people for Jesus, visually stimulating, doing music that relates to us, striving for excellence in everything – you better believe we’ll be making posts about that. Put a photo opp spot in your foyer – we’ll even have people saying “wow, that’s a nice pic… where did you have that taken?” Perfect conversation starter. On the flip side, if a church fails to meet expectations and is disappointing, our friends will know about that too.
  8. We WANT to meet up with other likeminded people in person, but not in a place that looks like it was decorated by someone’s Grandma. We want young, fresh, exciting. I recently ran into my neighbor at a Christian coffee shop one hour from home – she TRAVELED ONE HOUR to have a business meeting in a place that fit her and her team!

This is where we (Jade and myself) come in: God is developing in us a heart for our generation… and because of that, a heart for struggling churches in need of change. They know change is needed or the church will die one member at a time… they simply don’t know how to go about the change – especially in a way that appeals to multiple generations.

I have spent 27 years in church ministry as a worship leader and team/ personnel developer, and have toured the United  States singing in churches. Iv’e won three international music awards doing this. I have also spent 23 years updating homes business and churches (originating in the family flooring business, expanding to many other skills) – making peoples dreams come true. 

Many of those years, my wife Jade has been right by my side. She particularly takes an interest in designing places where people like to be (she’s a licensed cosmetologist as well). She designs, I make it happen. 

We want to use our skills, our talents, to benefit the Kingdom of God by helping equip churches to reach more people. The plan? We want to come along side the church  in need for a project (perhaps multiple if needed). We’ll evaluate their building, make some recommendations, and choose a project we can do together. By doing this we will generate excitement and momentum, and be able to impart into their team of influencers. Worship ministry need help? Sound system need work? We can help in those areas as well.  We’ll top it off by doing a service together. 

We recognize that God has placed potential greatness in every Christian Church and person – we want to help bridge the gap to greatness!





Colossians 3:23

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…”




”Randy & Jade Fisher have been such a blessing to our Church. They reached out to us to volunteer to lead worship, during a season when we had no team on Sunday mornings. They came along side us, and continued to invest in our church. They fixed walls, painted, and even installed new flooring in our lobby! They have an amazing ability to help see the church through the eyes of today’s culture, and their musical talent is a gift that they use to glorify God.
To Just say we are thankful would be an understatement. They have a heart to help small hurting churches, and show it by their actions. Thank you Randy & Jade for being the hands and feet of Jesus to our congregation.”
Rev. Jeffrey A. Henry
New Life Assembly of God
Mifflintown Pa.




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