Is God Faithful

Watch the videos from our breakdown here.

Is God faithful?
This is a question that I pondered over and over in the last 4 days since leaving home.
As I shared with our friends at Oasis Church this morning, we have been hit with constant opposition ever since beginning work on the “Awesome Love” cd.
My computer crashed toward the end of the project, and I lost the whole project. We did manage to get back all but one song. The original photo shoot was spoiled by 5 inches of snow – in April. In addition to this, the disc manufacturer printed the wrong covers!
We attended a Church building conference in early November; and the main thing I took away from it was this: “The writing is on the wall if your vision isn’t big enough”.
I pondered this for several days, wondering how it related to me. Then God spoke this 50 State vision to me. I thought it was crazy at first – too big… but “the writing is on the wall if your vision isn’t big enough”.

We started our “Awesome Love” 50 State Tour on Wednesday, February 3; only to be met with more opposition. We had to cancel our first tour date on the first day, for reasons that are hard to explain; and shouldn’t have happened. I had to put my family first, and cancel.
The next day we got fuel, and sat at Mcdonalds with the generator running while the kids did school. Generator quit.
Soon after, we started toward our next show. We made it 5 miles on the tank of fuel, when I suddenly lost all power; forcing me to cross 2 lanes of busy I 95 traffic and do an emergency stop on the shoulder of an on ramp. Worst possible place it could have happened.
We were stranded there along side the road for about 10 hrs. My AAA turned out to be useless in an rv. My other insurance could not get a tow truck; and they only wanted to pay for towing to the closest place that could fix it – and a phone call to them revealed that they didn’t work on my type of vehicle!
With six of us stuck in the rv along a very busy I 95, I had to get a cab. But I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know where my rv would be taken to, and I wanted to be close.
As the sun was going down, the batteries were going dead – the batteries that powered my furnace and lights. It was a bad situation.
I finally took matters into my own hands (due to the incompetence of my insurance), got the police involved, and called a cab. The cab company had a hard time finding a van that could get all of us. That took about 2 or 3 hrs just for the cab to show up.
I located a wrecker that could tow our rv – but it would be after 8 the next morning. Funny, the police called that place, and they were there in less than an hour.
The next day was no better; stranded between a garage, hotel, car rental places, and cabs. Finally, after exhausting all options, we had called a cab to take us back to the rv at the garage. They sent the wrong cab. Had to get another cab, lol.
The garage where my coach was towed to was not able to work on it until Tuesday next week, and wouldn’t allow me drop the tank there to fix it myself (liability). Their garage rate was 100.00/ hr – a price I didn’t want to (& couldn’t afford to) pay.
I sat in my rv that day, thinking of all that God had done for us before. All of the Bible stories I have heard over the years. None of it mattered to me. All that mattered was here and now. I remember saying to God “if I can’t trust You now, how can I trust You when we are on the other side of the Country? I don’t care what You’ve done before, I need a miracle now!!!”
God reminded me of this verse: the thief comes to steel, kill and destroy. I have come to give life to the full.
Absolute worst case: call my 20 yr business partner – AKA, Dad. He offered to bring our vehicle, pick us up, and take us home (at this point, we had only made it 3 hrs from home).
As Dad began his journey toward us, the Holy Spirit came over me, and I suddenly knew what to do. The garage owner said I couldn’t drop the tank – he didn’t say not to access it from the top!
I got my drill and hand saw out (I just so happened to have a saw), and cut an access panel in the floor of my rv; working after the people at the garage went home for the weekend (it was now Friday night, quitting time). By the time Dad got there, I had the pump unhooked.
We went to the auto parts store, got the pump, and came back. It was the wrong pump! We drove back to the store and ordered the right pump; which was to arrive at 12 noon the next day. Dad stayed the night with us in the rv.
Day 3 stranded:
Picked up pump. Hooked it up inside of fuel tank. Not the problem (this was however necessary in diagnosing the problem).
The thing that confused everyone, was that the generator died right before the fuel pump went; signaling that the two problems were related. By some freak happening that I can’t explain, these two things were actually two separate problems that happened at virtually the same time.
Jade insisted on changing the filter. I knew it was not the problem (the old filter had less than 5,000 MI on it), but I did have an extra, so i put it on.
While putting that filter on, I noticed something else right after that filter – another pump – the one I had taken back to the store the night before!!!
Went to store (again), came back. By this time it is after dark, and cold. I put the pump on, hit the key, and it fired right up!
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Watch the videos from our breakdown here