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We are excited to announce our "I STILL DO" Tour, 2017. Here is some info on how you can host a concert. If you know of any other Pastors or Churches that may be interested in hosting an event, please pass this information along to them. Thanks so much!

- R&J

2017 Tour Schedule (tentative)

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The "I STILL DO" Tour
Purpose: to encourage married couples to honor their commitments to each other, stirring up and re-igniting their love for each other & God.

Side note: we will also be offering worship team workshops on this tour. This is ideally for smaller churches who are maybe just staring a worship team, or churches who just need a worship team tuneup. This is not for larger "established" churches. We would like to get together with the worship team for a practice (perhaps a Saturday morning with lunch to follow), critique & speak into the team, and work on the set list for the upcoming service. We want to help your team excel in worshiping & leading others in worship!

Concert Type: Acoustic/ Unplugged. Music, Stories, Worship
Ideal Venues: Churches (small & medium in size). Other venues will be considered.
Target Audience: All ages are welcome to come, however, the music & theme is particularly geared to the 25 - 65 crowd; performing Adult Contemporary Christian Music. This is geared toward being a "date" night", so keep that in mind :)
Cost: It's FREE!!! We are bringing this tour to you for free; operating on LOVE OFFERINGS & DONATIONS. We ask that a love offering be taken at each service to help with expenses. Please note: we don't want money to hinder us from ministering to someone; that is why we are doing this tour for "free". We still have MANY expenses though - it costs us about .50/ mile to travel; not to mention providing for our family. If your organization can make any amount of a donation (one time, or recurring), it would be greatly appreciated!
Who is involved: Jade and I minister as a Husband/ Wife Duo. Our 3 children & nanny accompany us on the road, for a total of 6 people in a party.

Times: concert time is roughly 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Load in is 5:00, load out is 9:30 (concert times can be adjusted to fit your needs).

What does the host Church need to provide?
Please note: we travel about 150 days/ year. We enjoy doing the ministry God has given us. It is however very expensive and strenuous. If you could provide any of these conveniences, it would be greatly appreciated; and it would make our time on the road a little more enjoyable :)
1. Overnight parking for our motorhome (possibly for a few nights if needed). Electric hookups are appreciated
2. Food! We ask that a meal be provided about one hr. prior to showtime in the building of the performance. There will be 6 people in our group - 3 adults, and 3 children. (Food allergy - onions. Please don't have onions directly mixed into food)
3. Alter workers. There will most likely be a call for salvation/ re-dedication.
4. People (attendees)! We strongly recommend reaching out into your community, and have families invite their extended family. We aren't in this to be rockstars, but rather, to minister to people. If no people come to the event, we would rather spend that time at home with our kids.
5. A place near the exit for a CD table
6. Laundry - we live in an RV, so if we could do a couple loads somewhere real close to the performance venue, that would be great!

If possible, we would like to utelize the hosts sound system. If needed, we can provide sound

Concert Itinerary:
7:00 - Pastoral opening, announcements, introduce Randy & Jade
7:05 - Randy & Jade take stage
7:30 - giveaways
7:40 - Randy shares testimony/ message
7:55 - Supporting song
8:05 - Pastor Collects offering (physical, and announce online giving), Closes
8:10 - R&J Final Song, ministry time & end

We are so excited to be bringing our ministry to you! It is such a privilege to be able to serve God (and people) in this capacity; and to see people's lives impacted and changed forever as we do what He made us to do. If you would like to donate financially, here is a link where you can do so. Thank you for partnering with us!

- Randy & Jade

Please note: to make a recurring donation, you must use a computer. PayPal does not provide the recurring option through a mobile device.


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