An Interview with Randy

Q. How long have you been playing guitar?

A. I began playing guitar when I was eight, so twenty years.


Q. Do you play any other instruments?

A. Yeah, a couple. Bass, Drums, a little keyboard, banjo, a little mandolin. When I need a different instrument in a recording, I just learn how to play it – lol.


Q. When did you become a Christian?

A. Well, my Dad had the privilege of leading me to Christ at a very early age – so early that I don’t remember it. So, when I was about eight, I consciously made a decision to follow Jesus.


Q. Were you involved in any sports, or other programs growing up?

A. I was involved in Royal Rangers, and Bible Quiz.


Q. Do you have a family?

A. I do. I have an amazing wife, and three kids – a boy, and two girls.


Q. Do they ever travel with you?

A. Yes.  It is very important to me to be with my family as much as possible.  My wife needs her husband, and my kids need their Dad. So we have made it our priority to keep our family strong; and together. It is the foundation of our ministry.


Q. What is the main motivation behind your music ministry?

A. God designs and assigns different people for different tasks. He equips us with talents and abilities to accomplish these tasks. Sampson was equipped with strength. Moses was equipped with knowledge of government. Joseph was equipped with wisdom. When you hear and read about them in the Bible, you can’t imagine these men doing anything other than what they were designed to do. That being said, God has placed deep inside of me a passion – a gift, to sing and write songs that will point people to God and a relationship with Him. I can’t imagine doing anything else.


Q. You signed with Tate Music Group in early 2013. How is that going?

A. Awesome… Awesome…  We are going to be finishing the recording part of the new album in June, followed by a photo shoot; and also a music video.


Q. Tell us about your new album, “Beautiful Life”, which is due out late 2013?

A. Yeah…  Beautiful Life… I think we are actually changing the title to “Time with You”. I am REALLY excited about this album.  My producer (Jeff Lee) used to play guitar for Jami Smith; and did an amazing job on the guitars on this project.


Q. What inspired the album?

A. lol… My wife and I were preparing for our daughters dedication ceremony.  We wanted to sing something in the service, but couldn’t find any songs that would work. So I wrote “Beautiful Life”. Since I couldn’t keep my composure while singing it, I made a video with this song in the background; to be played in the dedication service. In the service, while the video was being played, my Pastor leaned over and said to me, “the next time I need a song for something, I’m just gonna have you write it”. Lol. So from that point on, it was my goal to write songs that any Pastor could preach a sermon off of.


Q. Where do you see your music career going in the future?

A. Well, like I wrote in the song “My Everything”, “I will go where You want me to go, serve where You want me to serve, be Your voice to this broken world You died to save”. To me, It’s not a matter of becoming famous or being a rockstar. My drive is simply to do what God has designed me to do, and point people to a relationship with Him.

To be more specific though, my desire is to reach struggling families; encouraging them to stay together. My family has been through a lot together – as have many families through these recent years. We lost everything, and made it out the other side to tell the story. That experience has defined us individually, and as a family. It has become the cornerstone of our ministry.