Unplugged Worship – Ep

Six song "Unplugged Worship" Ep. PHYSICAL COPY!!! Released 2011.


Vessel, Redeemer, To Hear Your Voice, Thank You/ I Love You, You Alone Are Worthy, Jesus You're All

Price: $9.99

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Time With You

Randy's highly anticipated ninth project.  National Release Date: 2/18/14.

Includes Vessel, Time With You, Secrets, Worth Fighting For, Someone Else's Dream, Beautiful Life, My Everything, Kingdom Song.

Released by Tate Music Group

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Physical Copy of Randy's Christmas Ep. Features Randy's wife Jade, and their children. Now Available!

Songs Include:
Away in a Manger
Silent Night
O Holy Night
What Child is This
We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Price: $9.99

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Awesome Love

Full Length album - Awesome Love. This sale is for a physical copy.

*Awesome love
*Never Gonna Let You Go
*Everything That Matters
*Me & Vanna
*Friend In Jesus
*The Prodigal
*I Still Do
*Home Tonight
*Don't Give Up

Randy's family - wife Jade, son Jordan, daughter Javanna, daughter Jayla.

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Two-Song Sampler CD

Randy & Jade's two song sampler CD. Features Awesome Love, and Hold On.

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