Above is a downloadable 8×10 poster, bulletin, and web header for social media promotion.  The information for your event can easily be added.


Promotional Videos (youtube playlist – click link). Feel free to share in Church, social media, or any way necessary for promotion.


Press Release Sample:

“I Still Do” Tour

A Date Night & Mini Movie Event
Radiant Light Church, Muncy Pa
Sunday, May 8, 7:00 pm

The “I Still Do” tour features:

IMEA award winning husband/ wife Christian music duo Randy & Jade Fisher (Randy & Jade toured 50 States in 2016); as well as the mini-movie “Supernatural marriage”, by Robert & Amanda Bowen. The event is hosted by special guest speaker Rev. Dave Jones, co-host of WGRC Radio’s Morning Show & co-founder of JMeg Ministries.

Tickets are available for *** at the door.

For more information, visit; or call the Church office at (***)***-****



Introduction (Host Pastor Introduces Dave Jones)

Rev. Dave Jones co-hosts WGRC Christian radio’s morning show. He also hosts the “Get Real” radio show, and has co-founded JMeg Ministries with his wife, Dottie.


Introduction (Dave Introduces Randy & Jade)

Randy & Jade each discovered their love for music ministry through their local Churches. Randy began playing guitar in Children’s Church at the age of eight, and Jade began by singing on the Worship Team at the age of eleven.

Together they have toured all 50 United States in 2016 on their “Awesome Love” 50 State Tour (48 States with their three children), and were awarded the 2016 International Music and Entertainment Association’s Christian/ Gospel Song of the Year for their song “Awesome Love”.


Advertising & Promotion
It is best if you promote for at least three weeks prior to event
Common ways to promote:
1. Social Media – Facebook – Create an event & invite friends. Also, share your event poster on facebook frequently; and have your friends share. You can also share our videos (fb & youtube).
2. Press Release – send a press release to your local tv, newpaper, and radio outlets. Some local radio & tv stations would also be willing to do a live interview or performance on air the day of the event.
3. Posters – customize for your venue, print, distribute.
4. Radio promotion – if you wish, you can also have your local radio station put together a radio commercial.
5. Invite other local Churches – especially those in your denomination.

We have found the most success with promoting by simply being personal. Social Media, and personal interactions are our favorite form of promotion.