Redneck Guitar – Gen 2!!!

For everyone who has seen my “redneck” guitar (it is a muffler with a red neck, and blows smoke) , you know that it is the highlight of the show. I was recently thinking of redoing the guitar – a little differently this time, adding a couple of cool features to the show. I started working on the 2nd generation redneck guitar this past week, and am ecstatic of how it is turning out.

When I think “redneck”, I immediately think of the Robertson family – Duck Dynasty. When I think of those guys, I think of duck calls. So that’s about all the further In depth I’m gonna go right now, until the guitar is finished. I am documenting the process, and will post the video when I’m done.

Let’s just say, “IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME”!!!

This is the Gen 1 “Redneck” guitar.  What will the Gen 2 look like?    :)