Street Team

Hey everyone!


I am excited to announce that we are putting together a street team (fan club).

What is the street team? If you can imagine a target with a couple rings around the outside, and a bulls-eye in the center… people that have never seen or heard of Randy Fisher before are on the outside of the target. People who attend a couple shows become fans, and move in to the next circle on the target. The street team are the people who are fanatics – they’ve been to five Randy Fisher concerts, and invite all of their friends. They’ve bought every cd and tshirt they could, and are waiting anxiously for the next one to be available. These are the people we are looking for!!!

We want fanatics to join our list of people that will say “I want to help!” There will be contests to see which team member can bring the most friends to a show, who can book the most shows, and such. You will get inside info through a special newsletter, telling you what we are up to and where we are playing next. You will be helping us out by inviting your friends, family, neighbors, social media peeps, and anyone you can think of to the shows. We want to make more fanatics, and bring more people to the center bulls-eye!

If you’d like to be a part, email: give us your name, age, phone (for texting), email, and snail mail, so that we can send you some awesome Randy Fisher promo stuff!