Worship Leader Tips

Worship is a lifestyle. It is a choice. Here are some helpful things that I have discovered over the years. Enjoy!


  1. Your assignment coincides with your relationship to God. If you are close to God, He will impart to you what you need to do to accomplish your assignment. If  you drift from God, you will loose sight of your assignment.
  2. Never go on stage and aimlessly sing just any song. You must personally connect with the song. It must come from your heart.
  3. Your gifting (or talent) is different than your assignment. It can be used to accomplish your assignment, or to distract you from your assignment.
  4. Crowd size does not matter. What matters is that you worship God wholeheartedly – whether by yourself, or in front of 2,000 people.
  5. How you practice is how you will perform. If you get in a habit of regularly worshiping God wholeheartedly by yourself, that is how you will worship Him on stage.
  6. Worship is not about singing a bunch of songs that everyone knows. .. True worship results when someone gets a revelation of the goodness & greatness of God, or a revelation of what God has done for them.
  7. The key to being a good worship leader is being a good worshiper. When your heart is filled with worship and Godly things, people will notice. Because this state of heart and mind is not the normal for most people, you will become a beacon of light and a leader to those around you.  People will follow you and your example.
  8. Any ministry must come from the overflow of your heart. If you are close to God, and your heart is full of worship and the Word of God, that is what will overflow from your heart. You cannot minister to people and give them something that you do not have.
  9. You will never be successful in your assignment until you use your talents properly.
  10. Do not give the devil any foothold in your life. Give him an inch, he will take a mile. One mistake can change your life and haunt your ministry forever.
  11. You must leave your ego behind and become humble to experience true worship.
  12. To lead other people into God’s presence, you must first know how to get there yourself. The only way to know how to do this is to develop your relationship with Him. Spend time worshiping him regularly by yourself